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Eco Steam Car wash Franchisee Advantages
Steam Car Wash Date Commenced Operations: 2013

        An opportunity to start your own successful car wash business with a great care for details, excellence in quality &environmental protection. Here are a few reasons for you to become a Eco Steam Car wash franchise owner: Eco Steam Car wash is a flexible professional detailing business. As our franchisee you are able to choose how big or small of an operation you desire. With the original franchise fee you are entitled to acquire up to five units that allow you to expand your detailing business to the capacity you want. This ability to expand offers you control over your income potential, your time and your lifestyle. Eco Steam Car wash has low entry requirements. We have a low entry opportunity.It offers no overhead and low capital purchases. Your car wash franchise includes an equipment package. And you operate the detailing business from sites such as parking garages, country clubs, hotels and malls that are searching to offer auxiliary services to their patrons and are eager to have you in their premises.

        Eco Steam Car wash requires no previous experience. Eco Steam Car wash is started by two techies in the IT corporate world, So, even if you do not have previous experience in the carwash, detailing business or automobile industry, DO NOT WORRY. We did not have either, when we started!. However, we have developed a unique process and success depends on how well you follow it. We will train both you and your employees in the technical aspects of the detailing business. We also provide the training you need to operate and grow your business successfully. Supporting and providing excellent service to our car wash franchisees is one of our main missions. Eco Steam Car wash is the leader. We are the first Eco-friendly door step steam car wash and detailing franchisee in India. This sets us aside from all other similar services.