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What is Steam Car Wash ?
How Does it Work ?
Normal vs Eco steam

At Eco Steam we go the extra mile so that you dont have to worry about your car cleaning. Steam cleaning with vaporized water is a relatively new concept which is extremeiy effective and completely environmental friendly. Eco Steam wash only uses STEAM to clean the interior and exterior of your car.

The vapor [steam] cleaner emits pressurized air and water combined to create a vapor which has little to no water runoff. The vapor weakens the physical bond between the dirt and stains to various surfaces in which the dirt is sticking to or embedded onto penetrating the dirt quickly and easily. Ultimately, your Vehicle will be left in Showroom condition like new inside and out

So you are probably wondering what steam cleaning is and how it works? Our service is 100% biode gradable as it contains no silicones or hazardous chemicals. Upon contact with the car our product ernulsifies the dirt whilst creating a protective coat between the dirt and the bodywork. Our product will not scratch your paint work, quite the opposite our product leaves a superb protective coating that not only creates a fantastic high gloss finish but also acts as water and dirt repellent, the more your car is cleaned with our product the greater this protection becomes.